Chelsea Collie


Chelsea Collie is an Empowerment Specialist, Inspirational Speaker, Real Estate Investor & Author. Chelsea is the Founder & CEO of Spread Love Speak Life whose vision is to elevate the world by the power of love. 


Having had a traumatic experience at the age of 16, Chelsea had the option of letting loss and heartbreak rule her destiny or find the power to rise above. She chose to let her experience propel her forward in her mission of helping and inspiring others.


Chelsea’s book, Be a Life Breather: Transform your Vision into Reality combines Chelsea’s powerful story, an inspiring message, along with a workbook that will serve as a roadmap for readers to achieve their wildest dreams. Her mission is to empower 10,000 women and moms to Skyrocket to Success by 2030. 


She has become unstoppable and so can you. 

Chapter 1: The Power of Choice

Excerpt from Be A Life Breather

We have ultimate power within us. Our power is only one choice away. 

In every situation, we always have a choice. Sometimes we choose things we want in life and sometimes life chooses for us, but we always have a choice as to how we will react. We don’t have to feel powerless. My motto in life is, “10% of life is what happens to you and 90% is how you react to it.” You choose by your actions and your attitude. 



Your existence is evidence of your greatness. You arrived on earth having won a race, eager to experience this life and become all you were meant to be. You have infinite potential and as you remember, realize, and embrace this truth, you are equipped with every tool and insight to achieve it.


You have latent qualities, abilities, virtues, gifts, and strengths that are waiting for you to muster the courage, take charge, and start developing them. As you embark on a journey to achieve your highest potential, you will find joy, love, and purpose, and become a blessing to everyone around you.


There may be voices in your head or in your life telling you that you are not capable, lovable, or worthy. You may find yourself as the protagonist of a story that brings you guilt, shame, and suffering. You may only see darkness around you, but your light is seeking to emerge and that’s why you found yourself here.


I believe you attract what you are and that’s why you’re here. You are a life breather and you are yearning to achieve your highest potential. You are ready to be mentored into an experience of positive growth and you are in the right place.


Chelsea Collie introduced herself to me at an event after I shared a vulnerable story as a featured speaker. I knew at first glance that I had found a soul sister. As we began to learn about each other, we discovered that we both had to overcome self-limiting beliefs and self-defeating  behavior, and sift through pain to find self-love. I worked with her to give form to this valuable manuscript so you can have the tools to tap into your power and do what we did.

The stories and resources she shares were handpicked to ensure that you succeed in becoming more, doing more, having more, achieving more, and giving more. She pours her heart in the most authentic way to illustrate that you have what it takes to transform your life, and guides you with simple steps you can take to get started.


 You are more than your conditions, your circumstances, and the reality of your current life. There are questions throughout this book that will help you focus within and discover who you truly are and who you are meant to be.


 I grew up in a slum in extreme poverty, experiencing extreme abuse. But even as a little girl, I decided that I would rewrite my story. I have faced unspeakable tragedies, survived a coma and cancer, and experienced more heartbreak, betrayal, and trauma than I thought I could bare. However, clinging to the truth of my divine nature helped me understand that pain has often led me to my best life, to my best self, to my most beautiful experiences. As you read the pages in this book, you will, like I did, feel a strong connection with the author and feel her genuine love for you. As she shares her own pains and joys, allow yourself to be coachable and teachable. Take the time to dig deep. Uncover the stories that are holding you back and unlock the potential that will “set your life on fire,” like ancient poet Rumi encouraged us to do.



Like many others, we have used these universal principles to create a life we love living, to see our dreams manifested, and to lead others as they navigate the path toward expansion. We are here to “fan your flames!”


You are powerful beyond measure and you came here for a purpose, on purpose, with a purpose. May you continue to progress so you can fulfill your glorious destiny, because progress is success.


BE Positive and You’ll BE Powerful!

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